The Designer

A singer, a designer, two worlds converge into one atypical personality.

Opera, jewelry, music, precious stones… you have arrived in the velvety, elegant and fresh new world of Valérie MacCarthy.

Accomplished artist, Valérie creates her jewels with as much ease as she slides across musical score.

With a French mother and American father, Valérie grew up in New York City between two cultures. After finishing her studies in the United States and Italy, she began her career in opera, traveling the world and singing on the most prestigious stages. In between rehearsals and intermissions, Valérie passed the time creating necklaces, bracelets and earrings which very quickly got noticed by the other members of the troupe who in turn became her first clients.

Above and beyond its beauty, Valérie wanted to infuse her brand with the values and ethics that also echo her sensibility.

Each piece is hand made and assembled in Italy by the most qualified Italian artisans.

Working with gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as wood and sterling silver, Valérie surfs between the romantic-chic and neo-rock styles with ease.

She revisits timeless styles adding a touch of life and innovation, finding inspiration from Paris and New York, the two cities dearest to her heart.

Valérie MacCarthy is clearly paying her way as one of the new artists of today.


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Valérie performs for Rose Magazine event at l’Eclaireur boutique in Paris

October 16th, 2012 -

Valérie will be performing with Eric Lopez (guitarist) at the famed and avant-garde l'Eclaireur boutique in Paris for Rose Magazine.  The event is to launch their latest issue.  Rose Magazine, a magazine built around women who have survived breast cancer is holding this event in October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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